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How to grow app or user retention?

How to grow app retention?
Would Increasing customer acquisition be truly the best objective for today’s mobile marketer? Perhaps not. 

Your app may get thousands of new downloads and installs every day, but how do these installs translate to your audience? 

How many of these will become active, engaged, and profitable customers of your app?

Downloads and installs say little about the true health of your app. According to our research, only 40% of customers continue to use an app they downloaded a month ago— and this number plummets to 4% over the course of the first year in the customer journey.

The challenge after getting a mobile app developed and launched is keeping the users interested in using the app after the first install.
Today we will learn that how can you keep those users interested in using the application. We will discover the ways of improving your retention rates to keep your user base steady and increasing.

What many mobile marketers don’t realize is customer churn can be largely managed with a few simple improvements to their app’s customer experience, and boosting retention doesn’t mean you have to completely reinvent the mobile app marketing wheel. 
Getting Started

Prior to improving the retention rate of your users, at first you need to make sure that you are keeping track of the retention rates.
Many analytics tools allow you to get a hint about user retention. Once you have gathered data to work with you are ready to begin. What would be a good time to track user retention well that depends on the type of app you have, certain apps need a lot of engagement of user like social network apps on the other hand an airline app won’t need that much engagement.
Steps before initiating
Before you start considering retention numbers are bad or good, you first need to understand that what would be the real use of your application and what would be its daily use percentage.
I usually go with different time frames to know about the retention rates, but it is totally up to you that how you decide to go with the analytics.
  • 1-2 weeks after each major app update
  • 1 month post download
  • 1 week post download
It should be remember that comparison of retention rates with other products doesn’t help and there is no magic number at all that you should be going after, because a lot of things may affect the user retention which you might not be able to control. Just concentrate on your own analytics data and go with that, preventing following usage aspects, users have already disliked as sample stats shown below!

To be short just keep the analytics data of your application and initiate from there, then with the passage of time start experimenting with the retention rates by altering branding, product, marketing and by simply adding new features. 
We will continue talking about FIVE GREAT TIPS FOR Boosting Mobile App Retention in upcoming posts sooner so stay in touch
  1. Launch a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Initiative, 
  2. Use contextually relevant messaging and proactive engagement strategies,
  3. Let users know you care, 
  4. Give customers a reason to come back, 
  5. Understand the math of the app business F.
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