Monday, 23 May 2016

App Marketing Basics - An Introduction to the Blog

App Marketing basics, a blog designed specifically for app developers, indie game developers and pr agent as well as app promoter.

In this blogger blog you can find Basic Tips and Tricks to help you easily uprank yur app in App store or play store charts...

Scratch From App Launch to Uploading, App store optimization, App Downloads, ratings and reviews as well as User retention, App revenue generation, App Ratings, Ranking and App User Analytic and Managing your App Business Almost all such topics are covered here!

Managed by Top App Marketing Expert SAK Hashmi as well as an Expert iOS game developer Shoaib Ahmed Shakir having interesting , intuitive apps as well as addictive games on App Store and Google Play store falling into board games, puzzle games and other apps categories!

Watch our Video How Do We Promote Apps and Games and Help Appreneurs (App Entrepreneurs) to make most out of there apps and games live in iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

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App Marketing - Promotional Video

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