Monday, 30 May 2016

App Marketing Basics - An Idea and Implementation

App Marketing Basics - A blog to Educate App Developers / Promoters

Marketing is really important for every single thing getting launched in the marketing, sometimes marketing is done even before the launch and turns out to be great. 

Jumping in middle of the things doesn’t helps at all; learning about app marketing basics can really help a lot in getting to the top of the ranking chart.

Factors to Consider Before You Launch
There are certain things that should not be forgotten before the launching of the app in the market, most people just think that it is enough only to launch the app in the market, it is important to start developing ideas for the marketing of the app even before the app is launched the sooner the marketing methods get planned the better it is.
Not only marketing; but some other factors should be considered in the early stages of app development which are branding, competition and keywords.

While developing your app and designing your app it is important to take up some things into consideration: the business name, the app’s style, and the icon that will display your app. Your brand represents you and your company, so pay extra attention to it. The branding will go much further and would be used in your upcoming apps, so be wise to choose it.


Keyword is a phrase or word to lookup app in the store and to know about it. The keyword for the app should be according to the app so that it becomes easier to be found, also having the keyword in app description is really important.


Do some research in the app market and look up to the apps having same keywords like yours and then see where they stand in ranks? Categorizing an app can be a difficult thing but after doing the study it would be quite clear to you that where your app should be putted in. If you find that the competition is fierce in one category then choosing a relevant category also would help your app get downloaded more which will result in getting it ranked higher.

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