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Customer Insights and App Revenue - Concluding Math of App Business

Let's continue and complete our discussions about 7 top metrics of app business. The final and the most decisive app metrics are being discussed last but not the least 6th and 7th key metrics i.e. 'Customer insights & personalization' and finally 'app revenue'.

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#6 – Customer Insights & Personalization:

Beside figures, rates and percentages it is still important to collect customer feedback and app analytics. Customer insights underpin the needs and behaviors, the appeals and dissatisfactions. 

When a proper reaction for such insights is in place, the product roadmap or individual areas of the app can be improved. Consequently, it can boost customer engagement, loyalty, and drive more revenue.

Based on this, you can reach great unity between the customer experience and the individual user preferences. The app experience can be then personalized by bringing out relevant and valuable content respectful of your customer’s preferred style of brand communication.

#7 – App Revenue:

The final and the most decisive app metric, which equals to the amount of revenue generated by customers over a given time period – a month, a quarter, a year, a decade. Advertisement revenue, in-app transactions, subscriptions, or downloads (paid apps) – forms of app revenue may be in various forms.

All app metrics listed above are interconnected, and bring together a simple formula for the app revenue. 

All the variables (metrics) play their role and can affect the revenue, but in the essence the equation is simple: MAU multiplied by monthly ARPU forms the total revenue. Keeping it in mind at all times will allow you to quickly track the issues and adjust accordingly.


So that's all folks we have discussed and elaborated to our best knowledge '7' Seven Key Metrics regarding Math of an App Business with you. 

Let's have a Short recap,

 Customer insights & personalization
 App Revenue

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